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Horizontal Legends

just leaving it here in case someone is interested, this is possible with some scripting and using spotfire html text areas

also check this option!/messages/92938

Datasource Templates

These are basic templates that will get you started, you may need to do additonal mappings etc in some cases. let me know if you find anything and I am more than happy to update the template hereVertica
   <ping-command>SELECT 1 FROM DUAL</ping-command>
Netezza<jdbc-type-settings>   <type-name>netezza</type-name>   <display-name>netezza</display-name>   <driver>org.netezza.Driver</driver>   <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:netezza://<host>/<database></connection-url-pattern>   <ping-command>Select 1</ping-command>   <fetch-size>10000</fetch-size>   <batch-size>100</batch-size>   <table-types>TABLE, VIE…