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Blank Spotfire Library Web Page

Spotfire web player does not support compatibilty mode, and you may see blank pages when opening the spotfire library in your browser window.
To ensure that the Web Player site is not being displayed in "Compatibility View". This is how you edit the Web Player server: On the Web Player Server: 1.Start Microsoft IIS Manager. 2.Click on the Web Player website. 3.Open up the HTTP response header settings. 4.Add a setting with name="X-UA-Compatible" and value="IE=edge" . Note: If the compatibility mode is disabled from the Web Player Server-side no action from the clients using the Web Player is required,  i.e., end users can continue using Internet Explorer with their standard configuration
Please note this is solution to one of the causes and you may need to add the site to trusted zones or allow scripting depending on your infrastructure settings.

Personalized in-db connectors for version 6.5 onwards

Personalized in-db connectors for version 6.5 and further

Go to File >> Add Data Tables >>

Select Connection to
"SQL Server" (This could be any database type that supports custom queries)
In the next dialog, provide server authentication method, username password as required.
Hit the connect button

If connection is successfull you should be able to select a database
Select a database and in the "Views in Connection" windows select Custom Query >> New Custom Query
In the Query window, add a query name, then at the bottom hit the parameters tab and check the box at the bottom "User parameters for personalized Queries" Then write in the query, you can use parameters like ?current_user, ?current_group or ?current_domain. These values are filled up by spotfire at run time based on User login information and can be used to restrict data based on user access.

In Built Statistical Functions in Spotfire used for calculations

You can include any additonal Statistical methods using Open Source R, Tibco Enterprise Runtime for R, SAS, Matlab
Avg(Arg1, ...)ChiDist(Arg1)ChiInv(Arg1)Count(Arg1)CountBig(Arg1)Covariance(Arg1, Arg2)FDist(Arg1)FInv(Arg1)First(Arg1)GeometricMean()IQR(Arg1)L95(Arg1)Last(Arg1)LAV(Arg1)LIF(Arg1)LOF(Arg1)Max(Arg1, ...)MeanDeviation(Arg1, ...)Median(Arg1)MedianAbsoluteDeviation(Arg1, ...)Min(Arg1, ...)NormDist(Arg1)NormInv(Arg1)NthLargest(Arg1, Arg2)NthSmallest(Arg1, Arg2)Outliers(Arg1)P10(Arg1)P90(Arg1)PctOutliers(Arg1)Percent(Arg1, Arg2)Percentile(Arg1, Arg2)Q1(Arg1)Q3(Arg1)Range(Arg1)StdDev(Arg1)StdErr(Arg1)TDist(Arg1)TInv(Arg1)TrimmedMean(Arg1, Arg2)U95(Arg1)UAV(Arg1)UIF(Arg1)UniqueCount(Arg1)UOF(Arg1)ValueForMax(Arg1, Arg2)ValueForMin(Arg1, Arg2)Var(Arg1)WeightedAverage(Arg1, Arg2)There are also Binning functions

List of Statistical Functions Available in Spotfire

You can include any additonal Statistical methods using Open Source R, Tibco Enterprise Runtime for R, SAS, Matlab

Data relationshipsLinear regression (numerical vs numerical), Spearman R (numerical vs numerical),Anova (numerical vs categorical), Kruskal-Wallis (numerical vs categorical) Chi-square (categorical vs categorical).

Hierarchical ClusteringUPGMAWPGMASingle LinkageComplete LinkageWard's Method

Hierarchical ClusteringDistance MeasuresCorrelationCosine CorrelationTanimoto CoefficientEuclidean DistanceCity Block DistanceSquare Euclidean DistanceHalf Square Euclidean Distance

Regression ModellingLinear RegressionRegression Tree Method

Classification ModellingLogistic Regression MethodClassification Tree Method

ForecastHolt-WintersForecast using Regression Modelling,Classification model methods above

K-means ClusteringLine similarity comparison