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Persoanlized Info Links and Scheduled Updates

imagine a store manager has access to his or her own store.. and can only view that data

Step 1 -- create a information link that is NOT personalized and gets data for all stores.. so if you open this link it will show everything to everyone, lets say it has a column called as "store number".

Step 2 -- Create an personalized info link that brings back list of stores current user has access too
Generally this is will bring very small number of rows a

Step 3 - In the analysis, add the first information link, Don't worry that at this point it is bringing all data.

Step 3 -- Then do Insert column, select  from Information Link and select the link you created in step 2.

Step 4 -- As part of the insert steps, Match the two tables on the store number column and select the correct kind of join

step 5 -- Now Go to Edit >> Data Table Properties >> Select the table from Info Link created in step 1

Step 6) You should see a tab "schedulde updates" updates tab in that …

Great example of Spotfire based solution

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